Friday, 6 April 2012


The cheeky mare that I am, I’m off to Australia again for almost three weeks! One up side to Mike being away so often is that he’s collected a decent amount of air miles so yours truly is able to accompany him to Brisbane.

To say I’m excited is the biggest understatement! As my friends would imagine there has been an extraordinary amount of excitable clapping and grinning.

We plan on revisiting some of last year’s favourites like Surfers Paradise but I’m hoping to explore more of the city and further afield.

I’ll be visiting a cousin who I stupidly forgot lives in Brisbane (and therefore didn’t see him last year – doh!) He e-mailed to say he’ll be cooking us up a feast, offering use of his sauna and swimming pool and do we fancy going to Straddie Island in his 4wd – erm... yes!!!  

Mike, having been in OZ 7 times now, has built up a true love and knowledge of the city and plans on taking me to a place called the Pancake Manor and back to the SS bar and grill, my weight watching skills will be pushed to their limit, I plan on keeping up with my diet enough to maintain if not to lose more – but we’ll see, you never know I could come back a tanned skinny goddess.

You can stop laughing now!

So what are Michael and I doing in preparation to leave tomorrow? Packing?... not yet, buffering and plucking my way to body perfection?... I only have 24 hours, do you expect miracles! No... we, or mainly Mike has spent the last two days pulling out our kitchen, stripping wall paper and cutting up our carpets, all whilst I hide in our study. Plans due to take place when we get home mean that our living room and kitchen need to be reduced to looking like a cave.

The Destroyer

My sister in law has warned that men in their family take the view that “It needs to look worse before it looks better” .....mission accomplished! Thank God we’re away for three weeks!

L x 

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