Wednesday, 28 March 2012

There Are No Words!

I was going to write about my lovely weekend at the Vitality Show and Ideal Home Show – both held at Earls Court – both were fantastic fun, I got lots of health and beauty goodies and Mike bought a lot of sausages and cheese. I’d recommend both of the events for anyone interested in health products, D.I.Y and fresh food produce.

A side note to my previous planned blog was another finger wagging in the direction of public transport services and their forever lack of ramps, lifts and helpful staff but then I stumbled upon a campaign from Channel 4 (UK).

No Go Britain – is a series of video’s highlighting the UK’s lack of safe and reliable public transport (ahead of the Paralympics) for disabled spectators and indeed those competing.

No Go Britain Campaign Video

Although I’m always grateful for these awareness campaigns, why is it only coming to people’s attention 4 months before the entire world descends on our capital city? Surely all these issues should have been as much under construction as the stadium it’s self?

Still - No Go Britain have got Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson one of our most famous Paralympian’s on their side and  in one of the video’s she speaks of when she booked assistance off a midnight train at Kings Cross only to be greeted with an empty platform and having to throw her wheelchair off the train and crawl off! The lack of dignity and grace for anyone let alone a Baroness is infuriating.

I almost spat out my breakfast reading these comments! It’s odd; I’ve been told that I should have been killed at birth, that I should stick with my own kind and that my parents should have aborted me but people’s anger, resentment and plain stupidity still shocks me!

Please repost this blog, the video’s and articles on your Facebook and Twitter – how can it be 2012 and still be this behind with equality and basic human rights?

L x 


  1. It seems equality is every where in Britain except for disabled people. I could list the number of equality issues that have made the headlines on the past few weeks, all got MP's backing. I could rant some more, but you do it so much better than me. I am so proud to call you one of my friends and thank goodness your parents had the strength of character not to listen. You keep going and keep speaking out. Love you loads Elaine xx

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  3. As always the government fail to provide unless it directly affects them. There are a few people fighting the fight but the uk is regularly behind the rest of the modern world due to apathy and misunderstanding. As for the Olympics part, well Seb Coe - shame on you! There can be no excuses. And where were the Olympic committee ruling on disabled access? Someone got a big fat pay check (ooo am I thinking aloud?)


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