Sunday 5 May 2013

The Good the Great and the Ugly


I hope you’re all well! Especially now we’re enjoying actual sunshine in the UK!

I’ve had a busy month since I crashed and burned on the horrible pain medication. I’ve had to reboot my life, namely my social life. I got scared of socialising and seeing friends but I’m more than making up for it now and I’m starting to feel my old happy over excited self! Hello World!

The Good
Last month I ran the 3rd LadyGoGo84 World Book Night Competition. After the competition was posted on I had hundreds of entries most with lovely comments and well wishes attached.

And the winners are Marjoleine from Devon and Victoria from Liverpool! You both should have received your limited edition of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, I hope you enjoy them.

The Great

As regular readers may recall I recently had articles published in the Southend Evening Echo Newspaper. Well, last month I had an e-mail from their office asking whether I would like my own weekly column!

Can you believe it? I certainly couldn’t! It was almost like history repeating itself. You see my Grand Father Roy was a journalist but he began when he wrote a letter to a newspaper disagreeing with an article they had published, the editor liked it so much they gave him a job on the spot. By the time he had retired he had started, nurtured and owned his own food industry paper - a big act to follow!

I sent my first piece in last week and kept dreaming that a cigar wielding Editor (think J. Jonah Jameson the Editor from the Spiderman films) was shouting and telling me that it was all a big mistake.... so far that hasn’t happened.

So as from May and every Monday, my column will be printed in the Women’s section of the paper! Chuffed does not begin to explain how I feel about this!


Unfortunately I have to end on a slight sour note. For a little over two years I have had a troll sending me abuse via this blog. The coward has hidden behind anonymous posts and sadly they comment and belittle things that I have posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts - taking an avid interest into my life it seems.

Lately the messages have become more angry and abusive. I’ve been advised to contact the police on this matter but I don’t really want the hassle, so I’m letting the Troll know now that should the messages continue I will go to the police.

Web Trolls

I have kept all the old messages they’ve sent and they will be able to track you down. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s certainly not going to stop me from having my own opinion, posting things on my accounts or writing this blog. So carry on at your own risk.

Ah.... that feels so much better!

L x