Thursday, 26 April 2012

Montville and Mooloolaba

Just like your average 9-5 couple/housewife the weekends are for making the most out off. I've felt very much the little wifey at home whilst here -  Monday to Friday’s – waiting for the hubby to return at 6! So after two late nights’ we still got up to go exploring with Pieter and Renee on Sunday.

Driving up the North coast first stop was the Maleny CheeseFactory, after ten minutes trying all types of the stinky stuff we bought – milkshakes and smoothies (Like I needed food to sit in the apartment and nibble on!?!)

From here we had a quick peek at the Montville Scenic lookout point; my fancy SLR got a healthy work out here!
Monville Scenic Lookout

An hour North from Brisbane, sitting pretty on the Sunshine coast was the town of Montville. 430M Above sea level it boasts some stunning lake, mountain and rain forest views.

A very hilly Main street is where you find the cutest café's, Antique dealerships and boutiques. With shop names like Chocolate Country, Jasmin Cottage, Ruby and Rose Interiors, plus there’s even an old fashion clock shop selling grandfather and cook coo clocks.

The Clock Shop

We stopped at the Poet Café for Scones with fresh cream and jam. These were delicious; but not proper scones, more like cakes – Renee laughed at Mike and I for declaring their non scone status – we’re “so English” – well of course we are darlings – poncey Southerners too!

After a bit more exploring Montville we headed to Mooloolaba Beach. Although a cloudy day it was still a gorgeous 25 degree’s. Mike and Pieter played Frisbee whilst Renee and I sprawled out on towels laughing at the boys pride in being able to throw and catch with decent aim lol!

Mooloolaba – meaning red snapper fish and/or red bellied black snake in Aboriginal is in the heart of the Sunshine coast, once a sleep surfer’s haven now a busy town of high class cuisine and shopping.

We stayed on the beach until Sunset and headed to an Italian restaurant (For the life of me I can’t remember its name!) where I enjoyed wild rabbit cannelloni.


Although by now Pieter and Renee should be sick of us, we made plans to meet up at least once more before we left.

And so the final week started.

L x

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