Wednesday 28 August 2013

New York Secrets

A week from today Mike and I will be in New York! We booked this trip a year ago but I’ve been planning it in my head for 15 years. With all Mike’s air miles and Hilton Honours hotel points we’re getting our flights and hotels for a complete bargain 12 days in the Big Apple!

To say I’m excited is the understatement of the year! I’m planning Breakfast At (or outside!) Tiffany’s, using at least 16GB of camera memory on the view from the Rockefeller, and lunching at Kats diner in homage to When Harry Met Sally. I know as I cross the Brooklyn Bridge the Sex and the City Theme tune will be playing in my head and Glee’s version of Don’t Stop Believing on repeat as I stand in Time Square – I am already having to calm my stomach and prepare for the “cheese” fest of it all!
Will be looking like this 100% of the time in NYC

I will be blogging about the entire trip (of course!) and already have a To Do list longer 5th Avenue but do any of you have any New York secrets or must do’s you’d like to share with me? Are you in NYC and want to meet for a cocktail, coffee or go clubbing? Are you a chef, a glass blower or MET curator and want to teach us a thing or two? We want to see the “Real” city at work not just the tourist trades.
Also are you disabled and have visited New York? Do you have any handy tips for me? Favoured Taxi companies? Or places I should avoid? Please get in touch at E-mail: or on Twitter: @Ladygogo84.

Big Thanks to Elly, Emma and Michelle for already letting us in on their secrets!
L x

Monday 12 August 2013

Coloured Past to A Rainbow Future


Long time no see! Time to wish Diary of New Freedom a Happy Birthday! This week is the blogs third Birthday! Going by my reader statistics you’re not sick of me yet! (Even when I disappear for weeks at a time!)

I took a self imposed break. I don’t think I had realised how much the last year had taken out of me, what with the dreaded Troll, pain medication causing a psychotic break, amongst family stresses and pain I needed to cut off, back away from the computer and do... well nothing.

The letter I wrote to my 19 year old self, became my most popular post to date and it made me realise that to continue on into a coloured future to match my rainbow past I needed to look after myself. Although since my “looking after” myself started, I have less energy, more ulcers, spots and have seemed to have got fatter – attractive.... oh well!

Anyway, I’ve had a bloody great few weeks; I read at my best friend’s wedding, ate three afternoon tea’s with the accompanying cakes/sandwiches/cream/jams, I had such a blinding night out that cannot remember anything between 10pm and 8am, visited friends in Richmond where they held their beautiful wedding, went to see my “in law” family for a long weekend of BBQ’s and one of our nieces had her third Birthday!
Duckface Fail
Beths Third Birthday!
Siobhan and I at her wedding xxx
Now I’ve gotten off my lazy ass I’m getting started on the fundraising I started for Motivation earlier this year... I will be asking for lots of help, you don’t get away that easily people!

Plus I need to get back to writing for my local paper again! If case you missed my last three articles here are the links to the PDF download pages!

Keep your inboxes clear.... I'm Baaack!!

L x

I'm back!