Thursday 18 November 2010


Any one who has a Disabled Blue Badge or Disabled Persons RailCard can get a free copy of "Accessible guide to Britain" by clicking here :)

Lady Gogos’ Guide to Disability Awareness Month Part 1!

Lesson 1 Name Calling!

As mentioned in the post below from November 22nd to December 22nd the UK is holding its first Disability Awareness Month.

I first and foremost do not claim to be a disability expert or am I voicing views and stories of anyone but myself. You may not believe some of what I will write below but I have witnesses (and anyway you should believe me, as much as I want to be a writer, I could not make these up!).

The dictionary definition of Disabled is as follows...


crippled; injured; incapacitated.


( used with a plural verb ) persons who are crippled, injured, or incapacitated (usually prec. by the ): Ramps have been installed at the entrances to accommodate the disabled.

When it comes to labelling disability, I generally (99%) couldn’t care less what you called me.

I call my CEA (Cinema Exhibitors Association) card my “Cripple discount” at the cinema but to the rest of the cinema ticket queues disgust, I don’t understand why they tut, I’m calling myself a cripple.

I’ve been called a Cripple, Spaz, Freak, Flid, Spastic, disabled bird/mate/girlfriend, Gimp, Retard, Handicapp but my least favourite is; Invalid. I hate it because it implies I’m In – valid, as in; not a valid person... I can assure you I am thank you!

Don't call me Invalid... I WILL run you over 
 What doesn’t offended me, may offend my fellow Crip so be careful. “Sticks and Stones may break my bones (especially if I had Brittle Bone disease) but names can never hurt me” sadly this childhood rhyme doesn’t ring true, as I said name calling these days don’t generally bother me, but there are days like any abled/disabled person when I am not feeling myself (See Whats Attractive?) and those names ring in my head. Not so much the name but the tone in which they were projected in.

L x

P.S A shout out to the lad at the Argos/Queensway bus stop who winked, raised a brow and said “You is some fit unable” andflattered by the comment I didn’t have the heart to correct his obvious grammar issues!

Don't call me an Invalid... I will run you over!

Disability History Month

For the first time the UK is having Disability History Month from the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December, including rights for suffers of Aids/HIV and tackling basic Human rights issues.

This all began when the United Nations had a whole decade dedicated to Disability rights (1983-1992) so that governments could understand the needs and rights of disabled people and improve their living conditions, their chances to work and become a valued member of society.

In 1992 the UN proclaimed that every year December 3rd would be the International Day of Disabled Persons, which later became International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

On the 3rd of December governments, schools and businesses are encouraged to look into bullying against disabled people, discrimination in the work place and to also take a look back into the harsh realities disabled people faced in the years gone by.

It is thought that up to 80% of disabled children in school are bullied or outcast by their peers. Hate crimes and poverty are rife amongst disabled people. Plus only 48% have jobs compared to 80% of non disabled people.

The day is already supported by trade unions, disability charities and voluntary organisations, and with 12 million registered disabled people in the UK I think a month of celebrating, our differences and learning about our difficulties, could only be a positive thing.

For more information and up to date news go to the Disabled History website at; UK Disability History Month

L x

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Carter Glass :)

Just a quick post and a shout out to Carter Glass, they came and put a new and secure back door in my flat today! They were quick, efficient and cleaned up after! A family run company, set up in the 1960's they are well establish, friendly and in no way pushy like some other firms that I should name and shame!

Funny enough, I texted one of my best friends this evening and Carter Glass are going to her house tomorrow to fix the windows in her new (gorgeous!) babies nursery on my recommendation, word of mouth does work! You can follow the links above or call them on 01702 546914.

And by the way, they in no way asked for this promotion or have any idea I'm posting, but I will mail them so they don't get confused when someone rings up "Hi Lady Gogo, recommend you" lol!
L x


If you haven’t heard about the UK budget and the 2010 Spending Review, you must have been under a rock somewhere. It seems that we’re all affected in one way or another. I look forward to the Spending Review as much as physiotherapy – i.e. sore head or sore limbs either way I end up taking more pain killers.

As a disabled member of our community I am feeling very venerable and in the firing line to these changes. With £7bn going to be clawed back into the government’s “pot of gold”, a lot of people will be forced into work, not to mention into massive life style changes, not all for the better. I’m completely aware that the UK pays £43bn in interest, but should the ill, infirm and frail suffer for that?

As of 2012, if you are in residential care you’ll not be entitled to Higher Rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance. So let me get this right? If you live in an assisted accommodation you’re not entitled to either the money or a motability scheme car?

It’s not even just the direct cuts to benefits that will affect disabled people, it seems that due to other cuts local councils have to enforce; home care will be affected too. The Local Government Association has said that the £3bn shortfall (28% of local government’s budgets) will damage resources for home care of patients with long term, serious illnesses and conditions

Unfortunately there were £1bn worth of benefit fraud in the UK during 2008 and yes that is a rather large amount and subsequent problem to society but on top of the Spending Review, there is talk of Incapacity benefit becoming means tested, which could leave 800,000 people without it, gaining yet another £2bn for the UK debt.

Here’s an idea stop overspending on the 2012 Olympics?

L x