Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Return to OZ - Food - Part 1

Remember when I wrote “you never know I could come back a tanned skinny goddess”.... the likelihood of this is ever decreasing. It seems I’m currently on a tour of Brisbane’s food trail. I’m loving it, but the Weight Watchers angel on my shoulder, tally’s up each mouthful of glorious; New Zealand, Mexican, Greek, Steak and Fish dish I’ve had!
On the flipside I’m exercising far more than I do at home, despite a wet Autumn here in OZ it’s still above 20 degrees and my legs feeling great. My old right foot a.k.a the former “Good One” has benefited the most; I suppose it’s nowhere near as far gone as my left, that it’s easier to please!
So eight days into my eighteen here; let me take you on that foodie tour of mine!
The first three days we were here, I slept, a lot – four hour naps, followed by eight hours in bed, must have needed it and as many keep having to tell me (you know who you are!) I have to listen to my body - even on holiday.
Friday after cancelling twice I finally met up with my cousin Andrew, 13 years since we last met. Any worries of it being awkward were quickly forgotten when he spent the first hour trying to convince me to skydive. (I’ve been banned from doing in the UK down to medical grounds) And when I tried to explain the risks he told me to “Harden up Princess” – charming!
Drew and I went for coffee in Queens Street shopping district forgetting it was still Easter Holidays so we made a break for it and headed for the West End, a trendy part of Brisbane where you’re never more than 30 seconds from an achingly trendy bar, restaurant or boutique.
After taking a rather scenic route after getting stuck under a height restricted bar in a car park and no amount of positive thinking bringing us a parking space, we finally parked up a residential street and went to a place called the Little Greek
A family run restaurant, it paid for them to have tables outside as we were drawn in by the colourful dishes other customers were enjoying. Andrew didn’t even look at his menu instead asking a girl next to us what she was eating and choosing that.

Andrews Salmon
I being the pleasant girlfriend that I am decided on the garlic prawns with feta salad, the garlic was so strong it was spicy, it was delicious, fresh and beautifully presented and I reeked of it hours later – which I loved... Mike not so much.
My Garlic Prawns
In a blatant flirting session with our gorgeous waitress Andrew told her to surprise us with an entree. She did indeed delight us with a potato and caviar dip called Tarama. Creamy, not fishy at all – scrumptious!
Since we had wasted so much time getting to a restaurant our orders were put on priority and our mains were out in minutes – another bonus! I would highly recommend trying the Little Greek if you’re in the area – amazing food, quick and friendly service.
Andrew had to go on to a business meeting but promised to take Mike and I out the next day.
More food? Oh yes!
L x

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