Tuesday 18 July 2017

Why Mike?

I was reading an article on why people married their spouses after a long time of being together. There were so many reasons for people taking their time to tie the knot, they wanted to save for houses, had children or a huge life event spurred them into taking the plunge.

With just 23 days until our wedding, after 11 and a half years together, we've certainly taken our time. I was never that worried about getting married, my parents aren't and it's not a popular past time in my huge family. Then Mike took his sweet time proposing and then we took further 3 years to get our arses in gear.

In the time we've been together, we've seen couples come together, fall apart... and yet we're still together. Some people have commented that our relationship isn't as valid as those who've exchanged rings, or that life is so different after saying I do. Can a piece of paper and jewellery really change 11 years of the way we live in our relationship?

One of my nieces asked why I was marrying Mike, I don't think she's meant, why on earth are you marrying that man... at least I hope she didn't! I guessed that she was asking what made me chose him.

Why do I love Mike? He is one of a kind. Geologist, Genealogist, Artist, Book Keeper, Handy man, Builder, Website designer, Photo restorer - a man with that many hobbies can't be anything but fascinating. He makes me laugh until I cry (Mike and his sister together render me to the point where my back spasms and I can't breathe with laughter!), he's protective without being possessive, strong, reliable, sweet and daft.

Mike's also grumpy, stubborn and sees everything in black and white, a trait I've spent a decade trying to fade into many shades of grey. But I wouldn't have him any other way.

We've been through deaths, court cases, rough patches, mental health issues, illnesses, road trips, holidays with both our families and a long distant relationship whilst he travelled the world for work and now we're embarking on a new business, marriage, babies. I think we're more than prepared for life post vows, but a wedding doesn't lessen the meaning or wonder of the 4180 days we've been together before that special day in front of our loved ones!

L xxx