Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Return to Oz - Food – Part 2

Continuing our food tour of Brisbane - Picked up by my cousin Andrew Saturday morning, we were meant to be going up Tambourine Mountain but there were thick, black clouds hovering over the city and that’s not much cop when you’re trying to capture the views!

So instead Andrew took us to Sirromet Winery nestled between the Gold Coast and Brisbane the family run business that has an onsite restaurant and function spaces, whilst also running tours.

We went with the intention of doing a tasting and tour, but it has only just now occurred to me that we didn’t do the tour?!? Shows you how tips..... okay, drunk I was after the tasting, but in my defence I no longer have a gall bladder so wine and I have a delicate relationship at best of times.

Sexy runs in our family, Andrew and I

Anyway.... the tasting was lovely! My favourite being a rose’ called Perfect Day in their classic selection that smelt and tasted of strawberries and cream. So we bought a bottle to drink there and then, we sat under a canopy, in the rain listening to a duet singing chilled out summer tunes on the mini stage. (Andrew only had a small one – before people write in citing drink and driving laws!) This was followed by purchasing another bottle for later... this bottle is still in our fridge... taunting me!

So to sober us.... okay.... me up - Andrew took us to Redlands City on Cleveland point, 30 minutes from Brisbane. We went to a restaurant called The Lighthouse, which looks out to Peel Island, Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island.

Views from The Lighthouse

The actual Lighthouse... not the restaurant!

Local and fresh sea food is their selling point and as you walk into the restaurant the catches of the day are on display. We all chose the red snapper; a whole fish, still sporting it’s head, tail and fins, grilled to perfection, falling off the bone, the flesh meaty and substantial. I would visit the restaurant in a heartbeat given the chance, the staff were chatty and friendly - even when they found out we lived in Essex (Towie is popular/heavily mocked here) and Andrew tried convincing them to go skydiving – the boy is obsessed!

Stuffed and mildly drunk, Andrew dropped us back in the CBD and I was in bed by 4pm sleeping it off – hard times lol!

L x

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