Monday, 23 April 2012

Fried Ice Cream

Midway through our second week here; Pieter and Renee, suggested cocktails and dessert somewhere fabulous, even after the food tour so far, I was not going to turn them down!!

We went to a place called Friday’s on Eagle Street. If you do visit this restaurant, there is a lift, it’s down a random corridor to the left of the stairs and it brings you outside the Friday’s kitchen, we shall call it the V.I.P entrance!

In Friday’s I had a Lychee Mojito and we all enjoyed steak (they l.o.v.e steak here!!) Renee the crazy woman that she is had to go home as she was rowing at 5am the next morning.

Instead of being sensible and going home on a “school” night, Pieter, Mike and I went to The Jade Buddha a restaurant/bar/club. It’s was very swanky with designer cocktails and a 180 degree view of the Brisbane river.

Readers who were with me last year might remember my eating an ice cream the size of my head from Baskins and Robin – I finished the whole thing too – I’m not proud.... okay I was a little. Anyway, Jade had a dessert menu with cheesecakes, normal cakes and healthy sorbets with berry’s and coulis. What did I go for?... Fried Ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream
Yup, apparently you can fry ice cream and the intrigue got the better of me. Out came this huge ball in a bowl. I kid you not it was the size of a baseball!

It was sooo yummy – for English readers think of posh Arctic Roll for all others, think ice cream wrapped in donut. The difference between last year and this one is I was nowhere close to finishing it!

Midweek stuffing session – complete!!

L x

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