Monday 13 June 2011

The age old and questions?

Well thank you for all your family tree related messages and questions! To answer those; I use both and the latter being for the more obsessed like Mike and myself. Also if you’re serious about your Ancestry I would invest in a copy of Family Tree maker 2011 to help you plot your lines.

Today’s Post...
I had my Birthday last week, I’m the grand age of 27, officially in my late twenties. This doesn’t really bother me like it does my friends. The popular phrase of the last year has been “I feel so old!”. In the grand scheme of life, we’re really not.

In the last week I have been reminded that my GCSE’s were now take over a decade ago, that turning 30 is only 36 months away and I’ve been called Madam, by two young men; and I can’t quite work out whether they were polite or the wrinkles have actually kicked in, but the fact I’ve just called them young men only cements my age! – And still I wasn’t bothered...

"Wasn’t" being the word of notification there. I had a frank conversation with a friend of mine who suffers from several medical conditions affecting her mobility and medication affecting her brain; just like myself. We were discussing the age old questions that we keep being asked 1. When are you getting married? 2. When are you having children? – inevitable questions at this time of life - When my friend in question sat up and from nowhere with a look of horror said “If our bodies are failing us now, and have been our whole lives, then what does age plus illness equal in the future?” – gee thanks – now I’m bloody scared witless.

It’s not something I’ve really thought about before, I’ve been plodding along, thankful my awkward teenage years are over and living it up through my twenties – health pending as always but what happens when the health pending becomes more urgent?

I’m getting a quickened breath just thinking about it! After some serious contemplation; life and my mind set still haven’t really changed. Living with RSD is a daily advent calendar of symptoms and relapses, I never know how I’ll feel day to day year to year, and it’s been the same for 20 years. I’ll carry on living it up - health pending and doing the best I can, because in the end isn’t that we all do?

L x