Saturday, 28 April 2012

Anzac and Avengers

Anzac day, we had contemplated going into town to watch the commemorative service, parades and marches starting at 3am – 1. I didn’t fancy getting up at 2am and 2. There were over 8,000 descending on the central business district (CBD). After a lazy morning Mike and I did the 21st century thing and watched the events on TV – better view for me anyway.

We had some lunch and then caught a Citycat ferry to Bulimba, meeting Pieter and Renee, since neither of the cinemas in the CBD had any tickets left for The Avengers!

Mike and I are self-confessed comic book movie fans and just had to see the most anticipated movie of the Summer on the day of opening. Queues were out the door (luckily we’d had the brains to book online) we were in good company, the geeks…. People around us were discussing the potential for this movie to be dreadful (I could not entertain this thought!) and pitting the characters against each other in fantasy fights; Hulk always seemed to win.

Anyway, the film was awesome, had it not been sold out I would of excitedly gone straight back in for another viewing, I won’t say much more than that – too easy to give it away, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for any fellow Marvel fans!

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The four of us spent the next two hours going over the quote’s and scenes in a coffee shop; the staff there had to (not so) subtlety start locking up and putting chairs on tables before we relinquished our mini Avengers fan club meeting.

So there you have it; our Anzac day, not very patriotic but action packed never the less; now to wait for the sequel!

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