Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Last OZ Blog; Coming home

My last day in OZ was spent in Mike’s office, we had to check out of our apartment at 10am so after several sweeps of the place to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything we headed to work.

I sat blogging, e-mailing, tweeting; all the while Mike did actual work coming back occasionally to check I was okay, bless his heart it was home from home sat there, laptop, coffee, camera full of photo’s – I was fine!

We went out to eat with a few of the guys from the office to the Arrivederci Pizzeria where they make metre long rectangle pizzas! Between five of us we ended up with 1 ½ metre’s of the stuff! I opted for the sea food one, instead of a salad; my tummy roll named OZ wasn’t going to mind another layer and hey it was the last day – I needed pizza!

Pizza - Now you see it

...Now you don't

The two flights home went very well, I slept through the first, watched 6 films on the second, I even managed to act relaxed in the business lounges; or was I just too tired to care? lol!

Getting to Heathrow we had a moment of déjà vue when staff informed us they couldn’t find my wheelchair and that there was no note made of any in the holdall  (same thing happened last year – it had been taken to 1st class - lucky chair!) Mike looked over the co-ordinators shoulder and pointed that in bold letters next to my name was – OWN WHEELCHAIR!

After some frantic radio communications it was finally located!

Sadly Mike and I had to say Goodbye at Heathrow, he was off to Texas the next morning for a conference; I admit that even after all that time in Australia together I found myself tearing up; what can I say 6 years and dozens of goodbyes and it still gets me.

My lovely friend Karen had arranged for our friend Frank to pick me up from the airport and he took me on a guided tour around central London; I was beyond exhausted at this point but as we all know I love old London and enjoyed my personalised trip.

Coming home I somehow forgot what we had done to the flat before leaving; half a kitchen, no carpets or wall paper and all manner of kitchen equipment stored in our bedroom. After 5 hours sleep in two days I just collapsed into bed.

For my wonderful time in Oz I completely deserve the jet lag, but the pain of coming home to cold damp England was dreadful, a moment crying at 4am, I thought “I’m not going on any more holidays – too much pain to come home to” which is of course completely ridiculous lol! I wouldn’t have given up this trip for anything. I just have to get used to home again and anyway being the jammy moo that I am I have 12 days until I’m holidaying in Spain lol! – A very lucky girl I know!

As for my weight and the extra tummy roll called OZ, he must have been a figment of my imagination as I did my 1st official weigh in, in four weeks today and I’m exactly the same weight I was before I left, for all the pancakes, steaks, lamb, pizza’s, scones, wine, sushi and taco’s I ate I actually managed to maintain my waist line – who’d have thought eh? Certainly not me!

L x 

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