Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Big Weekend Part 2

June is a very busy month, not only do Mike and I have our Birthdays this month (9 days apart), close to a dozen of our friends have Birthdays’ too. So a lot of us tend to share nights out rather than taking over every weekend for 5 weeks separately.

This year Mike, our friend Lauren and I had a joint night out planned for the day after Clare and Matt’s reception. I was feeling so tired but invites had all been texted out (we were thinking chilled night in the pub) so I got all glammed up – a lady in red and headed to a local Varsity bar. Being that it was still the Jubilee weekend there were special cocktails and Pimms Jaeger Bombs to test.....

For One Night Only Princess Lynsey

..... and test I did because I only have snapshot memories from about 11pm and I’m told Mike and Siobhan (who was staying over as she was visiting from London) we didn’t arrive home until 3am. Luckily my photo taking obsession meant I filled in my own gaps until I saw my brother who said I do a great Lady GaGa and Cha Cha slide... I wasn’t aware they were even played... *Note to self – Learn your limits*

But the above all said apparently I was a polite, chatty, fun drunkard and I even remembered to take off my make up, brush my teeth and drink a pint of water before I passed out whilst eating a kabab.... oh well - can’t win them all!

The next day I was surprisingly perky and not hung over at all, after an iced coffee and some leftover chicken we headed to our friends Sarah and Steve’s house of a Jubilee BBQ. Their flat and garden were covered in Union Jack bunting, Union Jack themed plates, cupcakes, sweets and decorations – a lovely chilled afternoon with gorgeous food and even better company – If I’d had a hangover it would have been cured! 

Cakes by Kylie

As previously mention there are a lot of Juney’s and after the BBQ we were off to more Birthday drinks this time in honour of our friend Jo. We met up with Jo, her Husband Jon and a few friend for a quiet drink (or 3) and ended up at the scene of the crime from the night before – Varsity. The difference being I remember this night out and I was coherent enough invited Jo to come in on the mass June collective for next year’s celebrations!

The extended Bank Holiday meant my actual Birthday (June 5th) was still a day off for everyone else so Mike’s parents (via Tony my Father in Law landing at Heathrow after a week in the USA) came to visit and took us out to Breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s where I cleared a plate of eggs, bacon and pancakes – stacked and covered in maple syrup (calories don’t count on your Birthday!).

In the afternoon I headed to my Mum and Dad’s for a tea party with them, siblings, my nieces and Nephew. It was a proper kids party with banners, cake, pizza and crisps – a youthful end to my 27th year!

L x

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