Sunday, 1 July 2012

An Evening of Burlesque

When I told my friends and family that I was off to see a Burlesque show there were three camps of people – some just as excited as myself and almost jealous, some were completely against it and said it was demoralising to women and the third bunch simply asked if I was a lesbian since Burlesque is all boobs and gyrating – if I wanted to go, just for boobs I could look down my own top and dance in front of a mirror - no one (apart from Mike) wants to see that!!

 I wanted to go to a Burlesque show as I think it’s a beautiful, funny and fun act to watch. I first mentioned to my friend Lauren that there was a show coming to town and playing at our local theatre The Cliffs Pavilion and low and behold she and her Husband Mike bought me tickets for my Birthday – so spoilt!

I’d watched a lot of programmes, youtube clips and films with a Burlesque theme but I found it’s nothing like seeing it in person. The show was sexy not sleazy, with cheeky humour, amazing music and singing, variety acts including a comedian, a knife thrower, a man stripping whilst sat on a unicycle and a hula hoop stunt act! 

I was excited to see the gorgeous Ivy Paige as the show’s compare – sexy, hilarious and with a stunning voice Ivy commanded and well as entertained the audience.

My favourite acts apart from Ms Paige were the Folly Mixtures a Burlesque troop whose dances included a basket ball theme, flash dance and Fever – all with cute outfits and like all the acts a fast array of amazing lingerie and extraordinary section of nipple tassels.

Other acting included a striking routine with huge feathers, a rap about Queen Elizabeth I to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-air using an ironing board (you had to be there!) and a mischievous little number involving a dozen balloons.

It was Amber Topaz who stole the show – at the very end, her limbs bending and dancing into shapes I could only ever dream of getting into – she was amazing!

I left the show with a head full of show tunes and a new item on my bucket list..... now where’s the nearest disabled burlesque classes?

Madam GoGo

L x


  1. I love Burlesque! I too would have been excited, and as for it being demoralising for women, think they are getting confused with Strippers! Burlesque is a very classy type of show, I love Burlesque & Moulin Rouge, and I am going to Moulin Rouge in a few weeks time in Paris, as I have always wanted to go, ha ha guess some of them people might say I am going to see the boobs! Ha ha open your minds people lol x

  2. Give me Some notice before you go next time and I shall come and give you company of you wish. I'm pretty sure Mike will come and we both ain't seen boobs in quite a while. Hope you enjoyed the show lol x


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