Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Push Girls

Starting my mission to gain 2,500 readers before my 2 year blogging anniversary I thought I’d look for other disability blogs.... I had some trouble find any that weren’t depressing or abandoned.

I came across Tiffany Carlson who writes a disability blog, Beauty Ability about fashion, dating and general disability issues. Her column on New is witty, honest and funny.

Amongst her articles I saw one called Push Girls Review of Episode 1. Push Girls is a reality TV show that aired in the US earlier this month. It follows four women living in L.A who’s motto is “When you can’t stand up, stand out”. Yup us wheelies have a reality show of our own but with fun and substance.

These reality “stars” aren’t paid to get drunk, sleep around and glue diamonds to their nether regions, they want to show the world you can be fabulous, sexy, fun, dance, love AND be in a wheelchair.

I’m pretty much at ease with my disability, 18 years after I planted my butt upon my first heavy, clonking NHS tank of a wheelchair it can still suck and get I can still, on the odd occasion, get down about it, but a majority of the time I’m upbeat, optimistic and whizzing around in Flossie (wheelchair) or the GoGo (Scooter), but growing up I was lost and very much in need of other disabled role (roll! Hehe!) models.

Young disabled people need these kind of shows to high light that you can have a life, not half hearted attempts at disability in soap operas when they employ awful actors or cut their story lines when they either get criticism or find the story lines too hard to handle and the character moves away or more depressingly – dies!

Push Girls is a positive spin (I’m full of puns today!) on disability, life and ability to live it to its fullest. I’m just hoping they’ll air the series in the UK or better yet make one here!

L x

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  1. Being positive about, what to most of us is, a negative is good for everyone to see. Life moves forwards not backwards... Embracing it brings us all together - able bodied and slightly hindered. These seem like positive ladies and I will certainly be watching if time allows.


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