Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Spain 2012 Part 4

As we were only an hour away from Barcelona, Steve, Nicola, Kate and Dan took a day trip to the city where they were entertained by street performers, delighted by the markets and wowed by the Gaudi Cathedral. Mike and I decided not to go as the trains from our resort were completely in accessible but he’s promised me a weekend there soon (you’re all my witnesses!)

Mike booked a 24km bike ride on the mountains surrounding our resort aptly named the Downhill Bike Ride; he says the views were amazing and his tour guides Sean and Rob made the whole trip humorous and a must do in Salou.

So while our travellers were out exploring I had lunch with my Mum and the kids followed by a couple of hours in the indoor pool. By this point of the trip Spains’ weather had started to match England’s so a heated pool was just what we needed, in those couple of hours Charley and Koran who I’d hardly seen all week due to their love of the kids club got over their fear of going under water and every two minutes I’d hear “Lynsey....Lynsey.... LYNSEY!!! Watch!!” as they swam and occasionally sank lol!!

Charley - not drowning!
The evening was a quiet affair since most of our group were tired from their days out.

The following day we went back to Aquapolis attempting to get tans and this time trying not to hurt myself; I managed 4 slides before doing so – an incredible feat I think, I whacked my back on the way down a lethal yellow beast this time (such a delicate flower – I know!).

In the evening I was medicated up to the eye balls but we thought it a great idea to go on a night out with our hotel reps!!

After dinner and tarting ourselves up; we headed to Chaplins where we were greeted with cherry shots and Jamie from Channel 4’s Seven Dwarfs who was comparing in the club. I had a little chat with him about the show and his work at Chaplins and found out they’re filming a second series of Seven Dwarfs – cannot wait!

The evenings first drinking game involved Mike, Steve, Dan and a guy who is now known as Random Ginger, with their tops off, pints in their hands when they were told they’d have to lick armpits and kiss each other (pecks!) – I almost choked on my drink at this point! To be fair that was the most tame of the drinking games of the night; I didn’t participate – just took the photo’s muhahahahahahaha <- evil laugh!

Oh dear
From Chaplins we went to four other pubs/clubs called; Christy’s Irish Bar, Kiss, Bus Stop and 007 – where Mike started another conga line which this time headed out of the club and I, at one point was left on my tod waiting for them all to come back!!

In the moment.....
Being typically English we had chips on the way home and I was tucked in bed by 2am.

L x

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