Sunday, 3 June 2012

Spain 2012 Part 3

As part of our package in Spain we had unlimited entry into the water park next door called Aquapolis. With numerous pools, tons of slides, waterfalls, fountains and kids toys, not to mention the dolphins and seal enclosure it’s a fun place to be!

The pools were initially freezing, but once you got used to them you were fine, most of the slides have a lot of stairs to get to top so I avoided those to play with my nieces in the kids pool but what did I do? Fell over in 20 inches of water, bruising, my arm, hips and breaking a toe (crushing my dignity at the same time with a major wedgie implanting itself firmly where the sun doesn’t shine!).

So after de-wedgie-ing myself I sat by pool side munching on pain medication whilst watching the others swam, slipped, slid and most importantly not killing themselves!

R-L: Mike, Dan, Steve & Kate
(Saving ourselves a fortune having the Aquapolis in our package was slightly marred when each of our sun loungers were 5 euro’s each and lockers were 9 Euros each so be warned!)

Mike, Steven, Nicola, Kate, Dan and I had booked ourselves tickets to the House of Illusions, a spectacular magic show that had me completely speechless and dumbfounded.

When we arrived the hostess’ told us that if we each paid an extra 5 Euro’s we had a front row table with unlimited champagne, beer and wine; well, it would have been rude not to! Plus if you ask your taxi driver for a receipt from Estival Park everyone gets a free drink on arrival – boozy bonus!

Going into the venue we were greeted by Matt Wright – I think possibly one of the best magicians I have ever seen (including those on TV). Whilst waiting to go into the main room he treated us to a session of close up magic. I can’t even begin explain the tricks to you, I suppose that’s the point!!

Along with Matt Wright we saw David Taylor, Matthew Fraser, Dan Allam, Luke Cook and Glenn Bonnar doing some of the most amazing tricks we had all seen including;

My brother being called up and come on to by a gay Wizard Puppet who proceed to read his and Kate’s minds.

A woman being cut in half but there was no box or saws only lasers across middle then suddenly her legs were on one side of the stage and her unfazed head and body were on the other!

Matt Fraser hammered a nail into his nose!

And at one point there was a lady floating mid air!

I don’t want to give too much away in case any of you are lucky enough to go see this truly spectacular show (so no pictures – sorry!) it’s well worth every penny and I would go back a million times to try work out how it’s all done!

Back at the Hotel....

After the show we got a taxi back to the hotel where the hotel night club was still open; I can’t work out if the staff loved or hated us when we have the entire club do a conga line and a huge (Mike lead) gathering of the Cha Cha slide!

Very much worse for wear (sometimes I’m thankful for my wheelchair!) we got into bed around 4am!
L x

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