Friday, 9 November 2012

Tea, Toast and Butterflies

I’m on my holidays! I had planned on writing to you all last week but I had nothing personal to report and my brain was too fuzzy to write about a disabled parenting and a new campaign to support new parents with disabilities. I will still write this piece but first I need a break.

People have this funny idea that because I don’t work (cannot work!) that I shouldn’t go on holidays and ask: How is a holiday any different to my lazy and yet luxurious disabled pain ridden life?

Let me explain; pain is a full time job, it’s bloody hard work and exhausting, you try spasming and feeling like you’ve been set on fire – just for a day, then let me know how happy and full of life you are.

Anyway I’m off to Somerset for a week with Mike's family to stay in a converted chapel – how awesome is that? And although I hope that I’ll be well enough to explore Taunton and the towns surrounding it, but if nothing else the sofa or bed will have a welcome and different view from the one in our flat.

Until I’m in relapse I always forget how easy it is to get cabin fever and Mike and I have spent the last month in our living room catching up with each other, TV programs and the odd friend along the way.

I’m sure the boy must be sick of me by now, any couple spending 24 hours of every day together need a break so having 5 other people including our 2 year old niece to chat to will be a nice break for us both!

This morning became our official holiday start when the boy bought me tea and toast in bed (He’s a keeper) he made sure I took my pills (probably so I stop or at least to don’t moaning about the pain! Lol!) and a butterfly came in to join us… we shall name her Betty. A lovely start to a well-deserved break for us both don’t you agree?


L x

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