Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fun in Fundraising

Hi All,
Thought I’d give you all a little update on how fundraising is going for Motivation (see Plans for Motivation by clicking here).

Motivation is an international charity who aims to provide wheelchairs tailored to peoples different needs. I have, sometimes, struggled with being disabled and not being able to do all the things I want to because of my health (Bungee jumping, driving, Parachuting) and sometimes forget how lucky I am to live in a Western country that provides wheelchairs and a country that although sometimes lacking in disabled access is trying to become a free and accessible country for all to enjoy.

So, some months back I pledged that I would fund raise for Motivation and help others enjoy the freedoms I sometimes take for granted. Unfortunately my health has been so bad that I’m struggling to get out of bed some days let alone plan big events.

Luckily whilst I’ve been ill friends and family have started, in my honour, raising the much needed cash for wheelchairs!

My friends husband Ben raised £110 in sponsorship by running a 10k race! This is only £30 shy of a whole new wheelchair bought and paid for – amazing isn’t it? Such little money to us is a whole new world to someone else!

My favourite restaurant is The Sunflower Eaterie. The Sunflower is a small cafe’ on Queens Road (just off Southend High Street for locals here is their Facebook page), I take all my friends there for lunches, fry ups and roast dinners. The owners Michelle and Scott are a lovely couple and they hold quiz nights with raffles raising money for charities, and after my piece in the localpaper, they chose Motivation on my behalf!

I went to my first quiz night a couple weeks ago with Mike, My Dad and our friend Siobhan. For £10 you get to enter the quiz and for that you’ll also get dinner too! We had a ball, our team – Three Cripples and a Carer, came 5th out of 10 teams – not bad eh? The Sunflower will be giving me the proceeds of their hard work in January J.

The Sunflower - Borrowed from Michelle's Facebook
Although I’ve yet to start my fundraising I want to send a huge thank you and hug to Ben (and Helen for “encouraging” him to do the race ;) and to Michelle and Scott for starting to really make a difference to people’s lives and believing in a cause that is so close to my heart!

Family and Friends get ready as I’m planning on hosting a dinner at the Sunflower next spring amongst other things, so get ready to buy tickets!

L x 

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  1. We think you're fabulous Lynsey! Thanks so much from everyone at Motivation x


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