Saturday, 10 November 2012

Somerset Part One

So here we are again, taking you with me on my travels. I’m hoping that I don’t go on the mammoth food tour like it was in Australia (Newreaders go back to April this year on the blog) as I don’t have a glorious pool to swim in or the energy to work off any goodies, but as you’ll read In this blog alone I’m not doing so well.

We left for Somerset quiet late on Friday afternoon once Mike’s folks had finished work, so we headed out with intent of getting there before midnight with only one pit stop. After a 5 hour agonizing drive only aided by a pillow under my feet and a large dose of my pills, we arrived at our converted chapel. Which by the way; is bloody gorgeous!

The chapel has three double bedrooms but can sleep up to 8 adults if you’re not too fussy about privacy. There are three bathrooms plus another separate loo, three spacious sitting areas and two kitchens!

Inside the Chapel

None of us were up for a late night after travelling and we were all sound asleep by midnight.

Saturday morning we had a lazy start, me being the last up after a bad night and although I vowed just to eat toast my one sliced ended up with a fried egg, beans and mushrooms on top – fail! The chapel has a leaflet stand with all the local and Devonshire attractions pamphlets and being in the West Country we decided on seeing the Sheppy and Son’s cider tour and shop – we all know I love a good drink!

We headed to the near 100 year old site which has a small museum, tea rooms, a playground, an orchard open to the public and their shop. As you can see our two year old niece, Beth, had a ball as did we after a trip around the museum we headed for cream teas…. It was lunch time though!!

Beth having a ball

Gorgeous warm and huge scones were delivered to our table with hearty bowls of cream and jam, I was second to finish only behind Mike!

Whilst Beth played in the park Mike and I headed for the shop where we bought a 12 bottle selection of Sheppys best Ciders and if that wasn’t enough Mike bought a gallon bottle of their sweet cider and I added Marmalade injected with rum to the pile!

At dinner (pizza and chips – more fails!) I have half a pint of cider and became warm and fluffy… lucky I either using my stick or wheelchairs really!!

Anyway, one saving grace is I avoided all snacks and the scone became my lunch!

Will try harder!

L x

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