Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monkey World and Longleat Safari Park

Sorry for the rather long gap between holiday posts! No, sadly I’m not still in the West Country, living it up in the Chapel visiting cider museums and eating out in lovely restaurants. No, unfortunately I’m back home and suffering for my enjoyment. I think the holiday activities bought on an even more troubling relapse. I’ve been quite low, not really been in the mood to see friends, hiding away in our little flat feeling sorry for myself – self indulgent, I know!

But! I have been doing some self butt kicking and am letting people help when I'm struggling, keep telling myself "It could be worse", resting when needed! Boom, in your face relapse!

I have wonderful photo’s to share with you from Monkey World (Yes, the one from TV!) and Longleat Safari Park. Both were amazing.

At Monkey world there are 65 acres of enclosures all housing rescued Monkeys who have been beaten, given hard core drugs and abused buy circus owners and sea side entertainers. If you ever see some one offering you a photo with a real monkey – STOP! Please don't have your photos, report it to Monkey world. These poor creatures are kept in dreadful conditions and even when they are rescued it takes, months, years even their entire life to get over/cope with the trauma.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day, we were lucky enough that Mike’s parents bought us all a guided tour around the park so we got some pretty special snaps....

At Longleat Safari Park has been open for 60 years to the public holding 15 main attractions where the animals walk amongst the cars as you drive round. At one point we had monkeys sitting on our car bonnet and lions leaning against our car for the warmth – amazing! There was a lot of clapping on my part!

At the moment Longleat has a Christmas fair where you can buy Christmas themed decorations, gifts and old fashioned sweets. There is a magnificent singing tree that does and wonderful light so to accompany the music – well worth the wait to see it happen.

Also at Longleat at the moment there’s a little train that runs through the park into a snowed forest where Santa is waiting with gifts for the little ones. Our Niece Beth was confused by this bearded man handing her a present and soon got the idea when she opened up the parcel to find a stuffed tiger and a dog toy.

The park itself regardless of the Christmas fair is an amazing day out for all the family, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

L x

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