Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Somerset Part Two

Sunday at the Chapel was a lazy day, there isn’t much to report and I wasn’t a fatty eating all day either – surprising, I know!

Monday Mike, his Dad and Brother in law Andrew went to the Bovington Tank Museum so us girls went to close by Dorchester to go to the Dorset Bear Museum. Beth, our niece, loved the almost 6ft bears as much and the tiny ones; it’s a small yet sweet attraction and because of our under 3 and carers discounts an inexpensive one too!


Sweep, Sooty & Sue!!!

After some lunch at a place called Taste in Dorchester we headed to Yeovil and a soft play center called Rug Ratz to amuse Beth whilst we waited for the boys to return. As Mike’s sister Emma, is 7 months pregnant and I’m well… me (i.e. crap) chasing Beth was left to Andrea (i.e. Grandma!). When the boys came back all testosterone fueled from the man toy exhibition they took over with play duty then we headed to Ask for dinner.

One of my best friends, Helen, moved the Ivybridge in Plymouth in July and since we were close by we met up in Exeter today. Staying in town centre, we took Beth and Helen’s son, Alex to another play centre called Dinkys which was two minutes’ walk from the cities Cathedral. With the little ones in tow we decided not to go inside, it’s such a beautiful building but currently covered in scaffolding – annoying!

Goofing outside the Cathedral 

Exeter had just a huge city centre, Southend is looking remarkably small and dull now. Exceter has such a wide range of shops and they’re all huge – there’s a 5 storey John Lewis and a Cathy Kitson store… I may just be tempted to move here myself!

Lucky for Southend, I come home in three days’ time!

L x

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