Thursday, 13 October 2011

I'm alive - I promise!

No I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth as one reader has put it! I’ve just temporarily moved around the globe! I really must remember to pre warn you of prolonged absences, although the sweet concerned e-mails I receive are rather lovely!
If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that my guy Mike, works as a Geologist and two weeks ago he returned home from a two month work trip in Papua New Guinea and Australia. So we’ve spent our time catching up with family, friends and each other. Relishing in the simple pleasures of catching up on Glee and cooking dinner together – it’s weird when Mike’s away our flat feels like a B&B and I tend to spend 80% of my time out and about and when he’s back it feels like a home again.

Anyway a week after he returned Mike and I headed to Sussex to stay with his family, we also had a cheeky afternoon sharing fish, chips and wine with friends of ours who live on a boat in Brighton J.

Last Saturday along with Mike’s parents, his sister and her little family, we flew to Benalmadena in Spain.  And that is where I’m writing from this very second! On our apartment balcony facing the Mediterranean Sea, of course you’ll be treated (or bored) with several parts of my time here next week. I would have written daily but to be honest – I’ve been busy lol! Unlike in Oz when I had whole days whilst Mike was at work to write to you!

Balcony View

Anyway, I’m off to the beach via the poolside bar, the next month may signal some huge personal changes in my little world so I’m going to relish in my last few relaxing, stress free days here.

L x 

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  1. Ah Benalmadena... Fuengirola just along the coast. Holiday sick now you have made me... Thanks


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