Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Benalmadena Part Two

We were staying at The Sunset Beach hotel for the week. Although the place is listed as self catering, there are full and delicious meals serviced for breakfast, lunch and dinner should you wish to be lazy.

Mike and I had our own one bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, bathroom and a balcony overlooking the hotel’s three pools and two outdoor eateries; The Oasis and Tikki Lounge, not to mention the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea!

The Sunset Beach has a real family orientated set list of activities on offer; including water aerobics, a games room with air hockey and pool tables, cookery lessons, scuba diving, live bands and entertainment and dance lessons to name just a small selection. Onsite services include a supermarket, 6 bars and restaurants, a leisure booking team, spa and hairdressers.

Since we’d got up very early to get to Gatwick none of us were feeling very energetic, but were all hungry since we were 30,000 ft above France at lunch time. So we had a wonder , which became more of a hunt for food since we’d failed to remember that the Spanish eat late and nowhere was open for dinner at half 6!

After initially discounting the restaurant right next to our hotel due to the amount of steps down to its beach front setting, we established that it was the only place open. The rest of the family made their way down steps whilst Mike and I made our way down a large hill; which would later haunt us!

The restaurant; Las Ramos was a sea food specialist place where we ate various paellas, mine being a sea food feast that freaked out my sister-in-law as everything still had eyes/fins attached. The one thing I’m not queasy around is food and I ripped those creatures apart!! (Sorry!)


At Las Ramos was also where I had my first  jug  glass of Sangria – I believe I drank this sweet wine more than water in the following 6 days – oops!

Remember the aforementioned hill? Mike almost died getting me back up it again, he struggled so much his Dad had to push him in some weird convoy. The morning after we went to the hotels welcome meeting and found out the said road was nicknamed Cardiac Hill by the locals – you don’t say?? What made it worse is that we found out that there was a flat access route at the back of the hotel complex – doh!

Sunday became a haze of Sangria by the pool, eating testing my new water/freeze/drop/Lynsey proof camera – oh yes people there is no escaping my snapping now – even under the sea! .... A common theme you’ll notice in the next few blogs!

Super Mike!

L x

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