Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Benalmádena Part One

Before I start regaling you with the full Spanish adventure, in regards to my last post where I mentioned big personal changes on my horizon, I would like to say that there is no need for baby grows or for any of you to purchase any big hats or fascinators  just yet! The big changes are in reference to Mike’s work taking us to possibly live abroad – although a very exciting prospect it’s scaring the be-Jesus out of me; leaving everyone and all I know behind. My close family and friends are no doubt sick of me contemplating this but next month we should have a definite idea as to what, when and most importantly where. I’ll keep you posted.

Coming at the perfect time, since my good leg has decided to catch up with the bad one, I needed some heat and rest. So my holiday began at 5am last Saturday; when we were picked up at Mike’s folk’s house (affectionately known as our country retreat!). Along the way we picked up Mike’s sister, with her husband and their 1yr old beautiful little girl.

We arrived at Gatwick; I’ve become very familiar with airports this year with all of Mike’s trips and several “Love Actually” moments picking him up after long trips away. Mike saw TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson wandering round, I would have liked to have had a chat; his red lentil soup is in batches in my freezer – very tasty.

Annnnyway… we had a few hours to kill so we had a Frankie and Benny’s Breakfast – mine an American – basically a fry up with pancakes all swimming in maple syrup – hey don’t judge, I would say holiday calories don’t count, but my belt would beg to differ!

We were flying with Aer Lingus, the Irish budget airline. None of us had used them before so I was a little worried as to the given help and special assistance I need. Although they were a lot less formal in their instructions and advice than Singapore Airlines and First Choice (only two other companies I’ve personally used) they got the job done and my wheelchair arrived with me in Spain – always handy.

View from the plane

The flight it’s self was only two hours long, having had a huge breakfast I didn’t need to buy any refreshments, to be honest I was glad of this since a small tube of Pringles was £2.10!! I spent the flight snoozing with an end of flight game of Mike and I listening to my MP3 player and him guessing who the tracks were by. This ended in him telling me that I “listen to a lot of s**t” – how rude!

When arrived in Malaga airport at midday and we had a taxi booked to take us to our hotel The Sunset Beach. I quickly realised that being told main land Spain was a lot less hilly than the Spanish Islands I’d been to before, was lies - all lies, poor Mike was going to get a good work out, lucky he’s a 6ft strong lad!

Arriving at the hotel; it does what it says on the tin, a beach front hotel our apartments looking out to the Med and three large swimming pools. I was going to feel very at home here!! 

L x

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  1. Glad you had a good time- I have to agree with Mikey on the music front! ;p xxx Mrs T xxx


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