Thursday, 22 September 2011

Butlins - Final day

Sunday Morning, I must have been ill as I still didn’t have a hangover!! Feet we’re ironically killing me  - since I don’t walk around, but having my feet down for long periods causes the RSD – swelling, purple with red blotches look – sexy I know!

It was decided that we would take the day easy... not that we’d been exactly hard at work! We again went swimming. It was surprising how many people had already gone home, you pay for the Fri-Monday as part of your package... I suppose they’re not hardcore like me! (I actually laughed at my own statement there!)

For lunch we sampled the Italian Ice Cream parlour on site – it’s expensive but so worth it!!

Now fully fledged karaoke addicts we headed straight to the Irish bar after a rather scrummy Sunday Roast in the canteen! We went for a hung over casual Sunday jeans a top look. Our poor old Bride was so hung over that she clung to her diet coke like her life depended on it!

I must mention the legends that are Josh and Ben who ran the karaoke at the Irish Bar’s – perfect red coats!

By 11 Bride was ready for bed but again my hardcore (still giggling!) attitude kicked in and Mrs P and I went to see Damage (last Google search for you!) another 90’s boyband at the main stage.

Our “team” of security staff – Jade, Sarah and Mark all made sure we were safe and that no b**ch slapping would occur again. We’d made it to the venue a little late so we were placed practically back stage for the show... we could have been disappointed but we had 4 rather lovely bottoms to ogle at – we were in hen mode, we aren’t usually this bad......!

No photo opportunities this time, much to Mrs P’s disappointment, it was thought that Damage might be molested by too many Hen’s for a photo call lol!!

On Monday, my bubble had popped and I was knackered! Absolutely exhausted, all self inflected, but I’m actually quite proud how well I did keeping up!!

Butlin’s Big Weekends are highly recommended by me! Had I been a meeker version of myself Friday’s events could have made the who weekend very miserable, but the Butlins staff and my beautiful friends made sure that I was safe and happy – what more could I have asked for?

L x


  1. Well apart from the one blip sounds pretty flipping good xx

  2. Hardcore... Let me think... Ah yes! Thesaurus.... Har-d-core = Alcoholic

  3. EPIC weekend- thanks to my ladies for making it a weekend never to forget. Xxx we heart Ben, Josh, Stuart (aka MJ), Jason and the legend that is ROY ROY ROY ROY! xxX Mrs T


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