Friday, 2 September 2011

Trust in Me

Earlier this year my friend visited me for dinner when she asked me to be her official wedding photographer. I was so elated that her and her Husband to be considered me to be a good enough snapper and I was excited for a real chance to exercise my SLR camera to its full potential.

Then in dawned on me, this was a test of my own personal potential! A once in a life time day,  this lovely couple would be caught by me and my artistic eye, their special day stored on my compact flash memory card, their dewy doe eyed snaps depending on my Photoshop skills.... big surprise... I started to panic... now this I do to my 100% potential!

As the saying goes “Fail to Prepare or Prepare to Fail” – this was certainly not an option and as they day drew nearer I started a military plan of attack. Youtube hits in “Wedding Photography” and “Flattering Lighting” must have had a 20% rise. I spent hours going through friend’s wedding photos and photographer’s websites, many an evening looking up Photoshop tutorials in fancy tricks (technical name you know!) plus reading countless Wedding Forum feeds. My internet history reads worse than any ferocious Bridezilla.

The Big Day finally arrived (yesterday!) and after getting up at 6am to check my equipment was charged and ready, checking it again, and once more for luck and paranoia. I went to do the pre wedding photos at my Brides house. I was handed a Mimosa and a bowl of chocolates – it was going to be a good day!

Now anyone reading this thinking; photography isn’t that just point and click? Get over yourself love! Have you seen all the buttons and settings on an SLR? Don’t forget I’m pretty much a professional amateur!

Although loved my “job” so much! It was hard at moments trying to take photos through tears (of happiness) and my heart spent the day thudding against my ribcage, I’d never realised how much attention is drawn towards photographer, I could feel people peering over my shoulder as I worked and when I was approached by a family member of the couple, asking how many weddings I had done, the colour draining in their face was only mirrored by my own white worried complexion.

The parents of my lovely bride bought me a few ciders as the afternoon wore on and I finally relaxed a little, my newlywed couple continued to thank me for doing a great job despite not seeing any of the pictures – their unfaltering faith in me jangled my nerves until I finally got home to view the photo’s through my fingers, holding my breath.

Lo and behold.... I pulled it off!... My newly married couple will of course be the final judges but it turns out I can work all those buttons and settings!

Will I do another wedding? Never say never but probably not, I loved the honour of catching these intimate moments, but my legs and blood pressure wouldn’t thank me!

L x

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  1. Knew you could do it. Loved having your company for the afternoon. Got to grow some more apples now in time for your next visit to the bar. Well done


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