Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cherry on Top

Yesterday I started a diet, probably my 4th since February and coming home from Australia unable to get into my jeans (Back with a Bump). I always start on a Monday of the 1st of the month?!

I’m back in my jeans and have been since March but I have two hen weekends, and their subsequent weddings, a holiday in Spain and a family Christening in the next 8 weeks = Summer dresses and bikinis – and over the last weekend panic rose from my rounded tummy to my double chin framed throat!

Irony struck when I watched Cherry Healey’s documentary – My Body Dilemma. Cherry Healey is a TV journalist who records frank documentaries for BBC3 about all things us girls fret over like money, relationships, babies and last night was Mrs Healey wanting to explore why we worry about our bodies rather than embrace them.

Cherry Healey
There were three things that struck a cord in the hour programme. The first being that Cherry weighed herself every morning – I do this 5 out of 7 days of the week – obsessed much? The second that Cherry’s personal diaries were filled with self loathing and envy of others – I don’t even need to look in my diary to know how much time I’ve wasted doing the same.

The third was when Cherry interviewed Kirsty Lou an 18 stone fashion blogger who had encountered people actually throwing things at her for being a bigger girl?!? I’ve had the same treatment but it didn’t occur to me that larger people would be branded freaks as us disabled people are. I personally would kill for her self confidence and her wardrobe! 

More irony occurred to me; my looks/weight are two things I’ve never been pulled up on or bullied for and yet I worry more about whether I look fat than disabled – not that I should worry about either - doh!

Why do we waste so much time and effort worrying how we look? On a personal note if I used up more of my time trying to live a healthy life rather than spending my time counting calories and detoxing I’d A. Have more constructive time on my hands and B. Would save a ton of money not buying “low fat” products and therefore could invested in structured underwear and clothes a.k.a making the most of me!

Because of my health issues I’ll probably never see size 10 again – so be it and to be honest if I was really that distraught about my curves – I’d have done something about it and stuck to it!

So, I’ve taken the batteries out of my scales, taken down the Weight Watchers point free list from my kitchen wall and opened the box of Thank you Chocolate Truffles I was given last week – the Cherry on top of my muffin (top) cake - mmmm cake....

L x


  1. Good to hear it hun-life's too short. Glad u enjoyed the choccies :o)

  2. I think you need to get your head around the questions... 1) Who do I want to look 'good' for - me or those looking at me? and 2)Am I eating. exercising for health or vanity?

    If you/we can be honest with ourselves then your choices should be easier.. likened to an alcoholic admitting to themselves and others their problem. accepting it is an illness therefore giving up booze is to prolong life.

    I use a gym daily to ensure a healthy heart. If a by-product of that is looking slim and attractive to the opposite sex lucky me... I like my beer and food so I'm pretty sure I'll remain as (my friends daughter once said) a short, fat, bald bloke - hey ho! I feel good with me... I'm pretty sure you feel good with you :-)


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