Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Butlins Pt 2

Much to my two friend’s annoyance I awoke Saturday full of bean’s despite the drama on Friday. We headed to the restaurant for a full cooked breakfast – since we didn’t get lunches included in our package I made the most with two of everything to last me until dinner! Clever or tight?

We went to guest services to see what had happened in regards to the cripple beater. Because of the volume of people security hadn’t managed to spot her and amongst so many fancy dress costumes I’m not surprised! 

We were advised that when we entered the main stage or larger venue’s to let security know and they’d help us through the crowds and be on alert.

After a quick drink restock at Tesco’s, to wake up the other two, we decided to use the swimming pool. We spent most of our time, eyeing the boys floating along the lazy river and (me) trying not to drown in the wave pool. There are half a dozen slides and water rides within the pool, but all with a lot of stairs, this put me off since when I spend any time in water my legs do a rather impressive Bambi impression!

Since my two lovely friends are both Mummies, it’s not often they get to really let their hair down, and as we’d had such a rather nasty experience the night before we got ourselves masks, put on our longest, fanciest dresses and we were once again in the Irish Bar for more Karaoke by 6!

We were greeted by the “cast” of Baywatch including a very touchy feely shark and a disturbing “Pamela Anderson” impersonator.

The girls quickly signed up for 4 goes on the stage, we were on first name bases with the red coats by the end of the evening.

Between 7-11pm the memories are more likened to flashbacks.... when I looked at the photos.... here’s why I thought I might have dreamt the entire night! It’s probably best I don’t explain the events in words!

Sexy I know!

Michael Lives on!


No words....

Honey Monster Hug!

Karaoke finished and we made our way to main stage, security recognised us straight away and escorted us to a space right at the front of the stage and a lovely safety guide called Mark stayed with us.  

We were at the main stage to see 90’s Boy Band 911 (again you’ll have to Google!). When I was about 12-14 I was a bit of a fan of the highlights and dodgy tracksuits. As soon as their first track started I screamed and grinned just like when I saw them at the Smash Hit’s Poll Winners Parties, these were award show run by a music magazine – no longer in print – we all grew up – or so I’d thought. I was so ridiculously lost in the cheesy music that even Mark took the mickey!

When Mark then asked whether I was excited and would I like to be more excited, I didn’t know whether to be flattered or blush...... stupid Malibu only makes my brain more perverted... what Mark was actually asking was would I like to meet 911 and have my photo taken with them. The squeal I let out could only be heard by dogs (or nasty cripple beaters).

And so there I was getting a kiss (on the cheek – sadly) and having my photo taken with the boy band.... yes I was excited acting like a 13 year old but did I care, did I hell! I spent the rest of the night singing to Mumbo No. 5, Barbie Girl and I’ve got the Power (you’ll need to You Tube these too!)

And I loved it!!

Final part tomorrow!

L x


  1. Sounds, and looks, like a great night!! waiting for last part now xx

  2. OMG the pictures are absolutely hilarious! :))) Seems like I need a night out with my friends too I need it so bad...


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