Thursday, 8 September 2011

Epic Doh!

I'm not always the brightest star in the sky, but I think this may be a new level of dozy even for me! I got up this morning excited that my blog had reached its 1st Anniversary, although there have been some gaps in between posts – I've stuck with it.

I’ve come to love the readers’ comments and the thrill of when you see people enjoying your work enough to repost/retweet a link. 4500 reads in a year isn’t bad... accept it hasn’t been a year it’s been 13 months - Epic Doh! I’d read my first post as the 08/09/2010 when in fact it was on 09/08/2010. We shall call this lost month “The Codeine Phase”.

So it’s been a “year” and 57 posts... and you guys are still with me! Are you sick of me yet? It’s said that a good blog writer writes at least 3x a week, could you, my friends, handle that?

When I started I chose the name ladygogo84(inset why? link) – a name to hide behind because I thought I might not be received well and least it wouldn’t stick forever imbedded in Google under my real name. 

I’ve considered dropping the Alias and to “come out” so to speak and there are so many ladygogo’s online... usually Gaga tributes, the latest being Lady Bah Bah – the inflatable sheep who is currently following me on twitter (@Lynseybee). To be honest I’ve not been great at hiding any kind of identity – too much hard work!

So what have I learnt since I started... Firstly that I have to take criticism on the chin, and not crumble as soon as anyone’s “mean” to me... for the love of God woman grow up! I suppose this is closely linked to my very evident lack of confidence in my posts – seems I need to grow a pair too!

On a more personal note after the last year or so involving a court case, 6 months without Mike, re-homing my beloved dog Pyro, a long and unrelenting relapse amongst other big changes in my life I’m doing fine (as fine as you can in a codeine haze it seems!) so I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was – just need to keep reading the above paragraph! Maybe that should be my mantra Grow up and Grow some – catchy!

Where from here? Well assuming you all keep reading, I’ll keep writing – as long as you and I are happy – let’s begin continue the 2nd year!

L x


  1. Here's to the next 12 months... Cheers

  2. Well Done Hun, Happy Birthday! Keep your pecker up (kinda goes along with the 'grow some' analogy!?) xxxx

  3. We all are always here to support you.


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