Monday, 30 August 2010


I've been a bit rubbish and slack this past week! I've had problems with my back from bumping up and down kerbs in the Gogo - lots of spasms and aches. So I've been resting a lot and if I'm honest feeling sorry for myself and been craggy with people!

Still, I have a fairly busy week ahead which I hope is more constructive. I am going to be asking a few family and friend members about how my disability affects them or changed their perception of me when it became a permanent feature of my being.

On the upside I’ve caught up with my music lately and I highly recommend the new Travie McCoy album Lazarus, it’s a real funky record. Each song is so different and a lot of them are very humorous. My fave songs are We’ll be Alright, After Midnight and Akidagain. The album is a lot more pop than Travis’ work with Gym Class Heroes.

Will catch you all up properly in a few days!

L x

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