Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Big Wide World!

Ok, the Big Wide World isn't as scary as I first thought! As silly as it sounds, doing things on your own is hard work! I had no idea how much I really relied on my friends, family and Mike. Now I have to watch what the general public is doing i.e. they get annoyed with me, when THEY walk backwards into the scooter! Which by the way is not going very fast at the moment - snails over take.... not to mention people 50 years older than me!

And packing my shopping!? What a juggling act that one is... so your meant to pack, load the scooter and pay all at once? Don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid or naive I've been shopping thousands of times but someone else has always packed and I just paid. These are just things I suppose I've never done on my own - simple as!

Now today is different. I was, somewhat, being supervised by my friend Karen (who owns The Piano Pavilion). Today I am shopping completely one my own. I need cream, a card and rucksacks, a scooter doesn't come ready with shopping space and as stuck up as this may sound I do not like the ready made bags for scooters - someone needs to realise being disabled do not mean we don't want to look good!!

L x

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