Friday, 13 August 2010

Freedom - Already taken for granted?

Well I've had three days of independence - it's been interesting! I'm not in the best of moods at the moment as I went into Southend High Street to meet with Brian and Malcolm from My Town Southend about writing for the website as Lady Gogo. The meeting went very well, am excited at a new challenge. My Granddad Roy would be proud (he set up Food News - a food industry publication).

But on the way back from the meeting, suddenly the battery dial started going a bit crazy and landed on red! Queue a panicked called to my Mum asking her to come walk with me the rest of the way home! This is exactly why I was put off electrical mobility in my teens. Still, one of my brothers came and rescued me and luckily I made it home. Gogo is on charge now but I'm meant to be going out in two hours with friends - eek! They both have prams - double eeeek!

The thought of going back to no mobility scares me after one week!
L x

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