Thursday, 19 August 2010

No Buns!

Batteries lasted well today! Made it to Southend General Hospital and back with a quick nip into Sainsburys on the way and the dial is still on green!

This means I can easily go bug my friend Jo regularly – on my own! (Not that she’s reading this or knows what I’m planning) This also means I’ll get to see her little boy more too. See what I mean babies everywhere – no one to push me!

My status on facebook recently was “yet another baby on the way!!.... Something in the water.... I'm starting on Milk... no buns in my oven thank you!” I love the Auntie duties but I also love giving them back. I’ve only just got my freedom; I don’t want to give it up again!

Got to see beautiful baby Alex again for a bit, he and Mummy are hopefully going home tonight! I probably won’t see him for a couple of weeks and I know they’ll have millions of visitors!

Cooking dinner for friends tonight, but hopefully an early night as having a meeting with the guys from My Town Southend and a driving lesson all before 10am!

L x

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