Friday, 3 September 2010

Whats Attractive - Part 1?

On Wednesday of this week, I blatantly insulted!

I and my Gogo went to the post office – a very unexceptional task, but when I came out, the wind struck me and my fringe looked like Cameron Diaz and “that” scene from Something about Mary. So I stopped to control the unruly hair and out of nowhere this guy comes up to me and says, whilst giving me a dirty look “you know you’re never going to look any better being in that” pointing at the Gogo!

Now I know this little boy cannot help that his only brain cell was used up that day thinking up that insult and I raised an eye brow and carried on with my day. But Thursday morning I found myself getting really het up with my hair, and not just the normal – having a "bad hair day" kind of way. Sadly I let it get to me.

So, in the general public’s eye, does being disabled detract from someone’s attractiveness? I’m going to randomly e-mail friends on facebook and see what comes of that, but one of the projects/experiments I’d like to do is ask the general public. This I’m hoping to do with My Town Southend.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

L x

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