Monday, 9 August 2010

Why LadyGoGo?

Why did I chose LadyGogo as my Blogger name? Apart from being an awful play on the amazing LadyGaga. It's simple I'm a lady, and I have just invested, with the help of my friends and family, in a Gogo mobility scooter.

This is also a hence to the Diary or Freedom. Since I was 12 I have used a wheelchair more and more, and now it's 95% of the time due to my health conditions. But life is changing fast in 2010 and a ton of my closest friends and family are having babies. Babies + Buggies = No one to push me around (I know, how rude of my friends to do such a thing!). So, although a had a horrible time with an electric wheelchair in my late teens that put me off electrical mobility for a long while, it was damn time I gained some independence.

Today, Mike went back to his rig and although I only purchase the scooter three days ago and I'm going out alone, for the first time in about 12-14  years. Granted I will be meeting with my lovely friend Karen, who helped fund the majority of the Scooter plus a new wheelchair (Coming Soon!), I'm still feeling nervous as hell!

L x

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