Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Phantom Labour!


How are you all? 

As I mentioned in my Valentines Day blog, I've still not seen Mike, he’s been away for 7 weeks now, only 10 more days to go, hopefully! (Although I’m not holding my breath!).

I’ve been quite ill lately; the CRPS has been laying its usual assault on my legs and annoyingly on both of my hands. I felt quite fed up that my right (the good one!) hand was starting to show definite signs of the condition, this would turn out to be the least of my CRPS related problems!

I started having horrific tummy and back pain. I tried adjusting my diet, cutting things out, adding others and sometimes not eating/drinking at all. None of it helped, so one particularly painful day, I gave in and booked an emergency doctor’s appointment.

My GP is amazing; she works with me instead of preaching or sending me away with another pill to solve the next problem. I explained these new pains and being the all round true Brit that I am, I apologised for taking up her time!

She ordered various tests over the following two days, checking for infection and environmental influences. I made the fatal mistake of Googling my symptoms in the meantime. The big C came back more than once; feeling sorry for myself and doubled in pain, I had a bit of a sulk lol!

When my results came back, my GP and I looked and concluded that these mysterious pains were probably another casualty of the CRPS and that my bowel/stomach were simply spasming like my legs, back and arms do, and that this sort of pain is similar to being in labour. I now have a new found respect for all Mothers and apologise profusely to my own Mum! So anyway, I came home with a new IBS medicine to add to my collection! 

My medicine cupboard will soon need a whole cabinet! 

I'm now getting used to the "new" pain, urgent loo trips and planning my toilet habits around my social diary! You probably didn't want to know that, but to be honest I'm just so happy it isn’t anything more serious!

More to come on Friday! My next piece will be on relationships.... in the meantime please enter and share my Easter Chocolate Bunny Competition here!

L x

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