Thursday, 20 March 2014


If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen your nearest and dearest posting photos of themselves without make up. Don’t worry, we haven’t all gone mad, a sudden trend started a couple of days ago with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie. I’m not entirely sure where or how it started, but Cancer Research has reported a surge in generous donations, which in the last 24hrs has raised over 1 million pounds!!!!!

The challenge is to take a photo of yourself without make up and post it on your social media. When I was nominated to do so, I figured it wasn’t a big deal, but when I started taking the photos, I got so het up and annoyed with my face lol! I, like many, hide behind my makeup it seems.

I take a lot of medication, I’m in a lot of pain, I sleep very little and I have an ongoing love affair with chocolate, these all add to bags, black eyes and bad #nomakeupselfies!

I had to give myself a psychological slap in the face. Of all the things to get distressed about! I’m concerned about my completion when there are people dying of Cancer – I obviously missed the point of the project entirely - doh!

Here is my #nomakeupselfie, I’ve taken three photos as I was nominated on Facebook three times by Gemma, Emma and Natalie!

Cancer has affected my life in many ways. I lost several buddies to the disease, my best friend lost her Mum to the Big C, my online buddy/writer/fundraiser Lisa Lynch lost her battle with cancer last year and my guy Mike lost his beloved Granddad when he was a teenager.

BUT and it’s a BIG BUT, many of my loved ones have survived due to the fundraising, the research and the new treatments being developed every day of every year!

My Friend Stephan survived Cancer and is now married to his beautiful wife Nada and they have their gorgeous Son Luka. 
Stephan and Nada

My pal Charlotte, got through Cancer twice and she and her Husband have their unbelievably cute daughter Eva.

I’ve recently got back in touch with a friend from hospital. My fellow hospital buddies and I had heard that our friend Gaz had died, only for us to be watching the Paralympics and who so we see?....... Gaz playing wheelchair basketball! (Possibly the most weird and wonderful moment in my life!)

Gaz Choudhry

My pal Lucy has Endometriosis but she fundraises for Cancer after her lovely Mum Sandra got Breast Cancer, luckily Sandra survived as did my friend Kelly who lives to fight another day too!

Should you wish to be involved I challenge you all to a #nomakeupselfie and if you do PLEASE text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3! There is no excuse for the men to not be involved either, on Twitter men are posting photos of themselves IN makeup! Are you man enough?

All these happy stories were brought to you via Cancer and together with all the support, doing #nomakeupselfies, growing bum fluff moustaches for Movember and donating money we're working towards that wondrous cure!

L x

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