Saturday, 29 March 2014

Yay for the Gay!

Today, March 29th 2014, Gay people are finally given the right to same sex marriage in the UK! None of this civil partnership stuff, we're talking; a full wedding in a church, with a vicar and religious vows marriage – finally!!

I’m thankful that the UK is one of the most accepting and liberal countries in the world, but there is still a lot of judgement, prejudice and sometimes hatred towards homosexual people –!

One of my most favourite people in the world is my cousin, I knew he was gay from the moment I understood what “being gay” was, as did our entire family, but he didn’t officially come out until his late twenties and living with his then boyfriend.

I have said to him since, that it drove a small but significant wedge between us for a while, to which he replied that, despite our closeness he was scared his paternal and maternal families would reject him – even in the 21st Century. I was surprised, but not shocked, especially after seeing a statistic that; a fifth of all people in the UK wouldn't attend a gay wedding. 

With the big hit of the First Kiss film, on Youtube, a new clip has been uploaded.
Homophobic people were asked to hug gay people. It’s incredibly interesting to watch as there are conversations like “How do you kiss another Guy?” Answer: “The same was you kiss a girl!” and statements such as “You’re so pretty to be gay”. They're gay, not aliens.

Watch below.

At a baby shower I went to recently, my friend’s Mother-in-law and I were chatting about everything from weddings, babies, TV, Movies, Food and the subject of homosexuality. Although I didn’t expect her to be quite as blunt, she hit the nail on the head; “The only difference between being gay or straight is how many genitals are in the bedroom".

Last week, there was a programme aired called Cure Me I’m Gay. In the show, celebrity Doctor Christian Jessen, who is openly gay, tried all manner of weird and disgusting “cures” for his sexuality. From self help books, therapy and a disgraceful treatment where he was basically poisoned whilst looking at sexual photos and a tape playing messages that say “Being Gay in wrong” and “It’s unnatural” playing in the room. This treatment was available on the NHS until the 1980’s and it left Dr. Jessen in tears and humiliated.

Dr. Christian Jessen
(Borrowed from

In another ridiculous treatment, Dr. Christian was asked to colour in a picture of his brain, the colours apparently showed how gay he was and in the subsequent following sessions, his colour preferences would turn to “straight colours”.

After watching the documentary I had a text conversation with my above mentioned cousin, which went like this:

Me: Did you watch the Cure Me I’m Gay documentary?

Cousin: No, why? Any good?

Me: Well, apparently we can cure your gay-ness by getting you to do some colouring in!

Cousin: I’ll get my felt tips ready!

......24 hours later

Me: Have you done your colouring it yet? Are you straight now?

Cousin: I’m about as straight as a circle!!

...and I wouldn’t have him or any of my gay friends and family, any other way!

L x

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