Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stick together!

If you haven’t heard about the London riots/looting drama, you must be living under a rock, buried under a ton of cement - in Outer Mongolia!

My Facebook and Twitter (Lynseybee) feeds have been dominated by the urban war and quite rightly so. I’m proud of our capital and country we are such a tiny island with such influence and history. I love London and not just because I’m Hackney born and bred or that my entire maternal family live in the East/West sides of the borough.

I’ve been upset to see such disregard towards other people and property but I was angered that close family and friends were left frightened and lost in their own homes. One of my cousin’s fiancĂ©’s has been so scared, her Facebook status has been constantly asking friends advice as to whether she’s safe to take her babies out to get some shopping – sickening!

Many charities have asked people to check on the elderly/disabled neighbours. A lot of people in online forums/twitter have expressed their sadness and anger that they cannot go out or feel they are easy targets for these thugs, it’s not as if we as disabled people can run away from trouble or defend ourselves fully in an attack.

If you have an elderly neighbour or a disabled friend, please take the time to check in with them, ask them if they need any help or simply pop your phone number and a note through their letter box saying that you’re there for them – and not just if you live in London.

With all this trouble going on we’re all scared and outraged by these mindless attacks, but the better side of our society will prevail and until then we need to stick together.

L x

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