Sunday, 5 September 2010

I (Heart) History Part 2

Saturday – Mike and I set off early to Duxford where we met Mike’s lovely parents, as his Dad, Tony, works the air shows with Vector fine arts, selling Aviation art work.

This was my second visit to the famous airfield and it was the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. You can’t help but feel patriotic whilst watching a Lancaster fly over and hearing speeches from Winston Churchill played over the tanoy.

Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane

(And even more British when the French display played a camp catalogue of music to their piece, making us tut – like true sarcastic Brits)

The French "Even making Love in the Sky" according to Mike!

I had a real issue with lens envy though, my poor 14-42mm lens didn’t compare to the 1 ½ foot lenses being proudly displayed, size usually doesn’t matter but it this case it does, planes look like birds on my display lol!

Red Arrows

So I cheated. Duxford has several air hangers with stationary machines just waiting to be photographed! So I did, not that I knew what most of them are, but I knew roughly where these beasts had been and can imagine what their pilots saw, I would love to talk to them.

Sea King

As I said I love the people in History, each person at the same point in time has a different point of view and this fascinates me.

L x

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