Sunday, 5 September 2010

I (Heart) History Part 1

I love History, I admit, The History channel is my secret pleasure. The only trouble is I don’t have a head for facts. I love History of the people. Ok, so I don’t remember the dates, the names of battles, the location of the events or even everyone’s names, but I love a good story.

The last two days have just reiterated this love. Firstly I had an unknown number on my mobile Friday. It was my lovely home tutor, Margaret, who got me through my GCSE’s (See my “Doing my head in” post) she had got my number from my friend Tia (who by the way if your reading this – I miss you and Paul!) randomly after discovering they had a mutual friend in me.

Margaret came to visit Mike and I Friday afternoon, and we had a lovely catch up. We also spoke about my love for the history she taught me and the poetry and Shakespeare she guided me through. I miss learning from her, but she lifted me (and my slightly confused brain at the moment) by saying I was one of her success’.

It's funny how, at the moment I feel like such a failure in terms of personal fulfilment and yet Margaret sees me as a success – just shows you can’t measure your life.....

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