Monday, 20 September 2010


I’m an Ouch! follower, no I’m not some sadistic pervert, Ouch! Is an online community/information portal for disabled people. Set up by the BBC it has some very un-politically correct features, my favourite being their columnist Disability Bitch. She is controversial but damn right honest to the point of being just that – a bitch, but I love her she’s the Simon Cowell of the crippled world.

Disability Bitch

Most recently she had an article titled “Disability Bitch hates Freaky Paralympians” about how the country is making a big deal about the Paralympics, my favourite line being “Cripples who totally fail to understand that the entire point of being disabled, is that you have a lifelong excuse to skive off PE lessons” – Brilliant!

I was once asked whether I was into sport. I’m not. The answer I received was “What, not even the Paralympics?” this made me laugh, it’s as though I wasn’t supporting my “kind”, my people, the fellow wheelers and white stick wielding nation.

I completely understand that you can’t place a wheelchair athlete in the same race as Usain St. Leo Bolt, there is a definite reason we have the separated events, but I hate sport full stop, whether you’re using prosthetic limbs or your own grown ones.

I’m all for sticking together and supporting my fellow less able people, we are living in an age where disability is only just becoming less of a taboo and dare I say a novelty.... there’s a reason Ouch! Has a message board titled “Quick I’ve seen a disabled person on TV” – we’re still quite intriguing I think!

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