Wednesday, 3 November 2010


If you haven’t heard about the UK budget and the 2010 Spending Review, you must have been under a rock somewhere. It seems that we’re all affected in one way or another. I look forward to the Spending Review as much as physiotherapy – i.e. sore head or sore limbs either way I end up taking more pain killers.

As a disabled member of our community I am feeling very venerable and in the firing line to these changes. With £7bn going to be clawed back into the government’s “pot of gold”, a lot of people will be forced into work, not to mention into massive life style changes, not all for the better. I’m completely aware that the UK pays £43bn in interest, but should the ill, infirm and frail suffer for that?

As of 2012, if you are in residential care you’ll not be entitled to Higher Rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance. So let me get this right? If you live in an assisted accommodation you’re not entitled to either the money or a motability scheme car?

It’s not even just the direct cuts to benefits that will affect disabled people, it seems that due to other cuts local councils have to enforce; home care will be affected too. The Local Government Association has said that the £3bn shortfall (28% of local government’s budgets) will damage resources for home care of patients with long term, serious illnesses and conditions

Unfortunately there were £1bn worth of benefit fraud in the UK during 2008 and yes that is a rather large amount and subsequent problem to society but on top of the Spending Review, there is talk of Incapacity benefit becoming means tested, which could leave 800,000 people without it, gaining yet another £2bn for the UK debt.

Here’s an idea stop overspending on the 2012 Olympics?

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  1. I get to see this from all sides. I have mobility issues but do not get any disability benefits because.. apparently I can walk too far and too quickly.

    I also work for a local authority... in the benefits section. There have been jobs cuts for us here too although if other benefits change, thats more work for us to reassess all the claims!!

    I have worked hard to stay working, had private physio because the NHS seemed so reluctant to offer anything worthwhile. It amuses me that that the government are trying to get more people back to work and reduce disability benefit, but if get axed from my job because of cut backs, I might have to consider walking a little slower and claiming ESA because there is no other option.



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