Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New York – Getting there!

As some (or all!) of you know Mike and I went to New York City last month. I’ve been home a fortnight but haven’t wanted to write these blogs as I had serious post holiday blues, and since Mike had gone back to the States less than 24hrs after we’d returned home, I was really missing him!

Still I’m back to my chirpy self and ready to relive the holiday of my dreams for you guys!

New York – Getting there!

On September 3rd I could have charged the National Grid with the excitement I was feeling! After mountains of washing, to do lists ticked and loose ends tied, we finally packed! I planned on being fun and fabulous with colourful tea and maxi dresses, classy silk blouses and some pretty costume jewellery, so I packed about 20 outfits for the 12 day trip, there would have been more but all my medication took up a lot of precious room, I supposed that to be fabulous I had to be well medicated too!

Late afternoon after checking, rechecking then a last minute spot check of all windows, doors, plugs and check lists our friend Jo arrived to take us to our pre flight hotel in Heathrow.

After several wrong turns (whilst using a SAT Nav – it’s a skill I tell you!) we made it to the Ibis Heathrow Hotel. Our room was lovely and clean, accessible, with modern decor and a very comfy bed. We ordered pizza’s and hot chocolates for dinner and sat watching the Dave channel all evening, my mind was elsewhere as every time I thought of New York my stomach flipped and fluttered with excitement.

The next morning I did not mind the 4:45am alarm at all! As the sun was still coming up we rode a shuttle bus to the airport. Since Mike is a member of the Kris Flyer rewards scheme with his work he is now a top member which meant checking in was queue and stress free.

We went to the airport lounge (I was a lot less nervous this time - click here!) and took advantage of their free breakfast buffet of pastries’, pancakes, hot items and fruit all washed down with plenty of strong coffee!

We were flying with United Airlines and I had pre booked assistant so we had bulkhead seats, but the crew were not very helpful; seeing me struggle as Mike did the handover of my wheelchair, they didn’t say Hello, just waved me in the direction of my seat without an arm to hold on to or help with my bag. Anyway the flight went well and we got chatting to a Princeton University Astrologist Professor who was fascinated by Mike’s work and our jam packed plans.

Finally we arrived! I was jittery and grinning like a mad woman, coming through customs, when the officer checking our passports stamped mine but said that he wasn’t sure Mike was allowed in! We had a trip to the custom’s interview hall, and in my head I was panicking – full blown red alert and siren!!!

Luckily it was a small issue with Mike’s work visa and we resided to the fact that although that was not the beginning we wanted - things can only get better!

We took a shuttle bus from Newark Airport in the distance I could see the city, my teenage dream was coming true!

Minutes later we were dropped in Time Square! I was completely speechless (even if you don’t know me in person, you know that never happens!) in broad daylight it is a sight and half, so many people, loud city noises, sirens and horns, ticket touts and music blaring from a Samsung pop up shop – it was nuts!

Overwhelmed in Time Square

We checked into The Double Tree Hilton Hotel, where, with our keys, we were given giant warm chocolate chip cookies – God Bless America indeed!!

Our room had a huge accessible bathroom, living room with mini kitchen and a large comfy bed. Eight stories up, we over looked Time Square and at night even with all our lights off the room was perfectly lit up from all the signs!
Not wanting to waste any time we went straight out to explore Time Square it was crazy busy and our first stop was Toy’s r Us where there was an actual full size Ferris wheel in middle!

Toys r Us Ferris Wheel

We headed into a Brassiere called TSQ for our first dinner where the small plates were frickin’ huge! I had my first of many cocktails and because of the early start and jetlag setting in it went straight to my head – lucky I don’t walk really! 
First drink of the holiday

On the way back to our hotel via lots more photo’s and whilst my mouth swapped between gaping fly trap and Cheshire cat grin we were stopped by one of the many ticket tout’s.  

My NYC tip of the day is to avoid the buggers! They act all charming, funny and personable but they are pushy, persistent, aggravating little toads! Even if they say they’re from a famous show or comedy club say No and believe me you’ll have to say it a hundred times, but go home look up clubs on trusted websites like Trip Advisor to find the real deals!

Exhausted by 9pm we were asleep with our blackout blinds firmly closed, as I drifted off I had James Browns - Living in America playing in my head – cheesy yet totally appropriate!!

L x

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  1. There's a Ferris Wheel in Toys r Us?! That's awesome!


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