Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Challenge

I am not a Beauty Blogger, I enjoy dolling myself up, but I spend many an afternoon asking my Beauty consultant a.k.a my younger sister Nicola, what I should; wear, spray, lather and slap on!

When I was an accepted as a tester for Rimmels Stay Matte Challenge Nicola was having to ask my opinion – a first!

I love BB Creams, I currently use Rimmels 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Make up. BB Creams are lighter than foundation and double as a moisturiser, toner and concealer all in one.
My sample of Rimmels Stay Matte Mousse Foundation (100 Ivory) arrived on a stressful day when a relative was taken into hospital for a serious condition. When I’m stressed I rub my forehand, hand over my mouth, and frequently rub my temples. The Stay Matte Foundation stayed in place and as you can see from the grid photo it lasted very well!
Before, during and last thing at night!
Applying the foundation was very easy. You don’t need a lot for full coverage, I started with pea size blobs on the back of my hand, but it was too much think of petite pour sized bead instead.
On the third day of my Stay Matte Challenge I went on a boat trip on the Medway River, a beautiful day but we all know sun and water aren’t great for that flawless look we all aim for. But again the foundation stayed in place... here you can see lady muck a.k.a Me, looking windswept yet still fabulous!
Windswept and interesting

On the 6th night of my Rimmel challenge I went to a leaving do! Two of my friends were moving to Beijing in China for a year to teach English, so in typical English style we all met at our local for beer, chips and lots of banter. I was stopped several times by friends as well as strangers commenting on how flawless my skin looked! I was feeling rather chuffed!

Emotional Goodbyes

So, at the end of my week, have I converted back to full foundation? – In a short answer No. I loved Rimmels Stay Matte mousse, it gave me great coverage and brilliant shine control, and I will definitely be using it for events, nights out and high stress occasions. It was long lasting without feeling too heavy and saved the effort of using concealer and my highlighter. I do prefer Rimmels BB cream for everyday use but Stay Matte will be a staple for my make up bag!

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