Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New York Secrets

A week from today Mike and I will be in New York! We booked this trip a year ago but I’ve been planning it in my head for 15 years. With all Mike’s air miles and Hilton Honours hotel points we’re getting our flights and hotels for a complete bargain 12 days in the Big Apple!

To say I’m excited is the understatement of the year! I’m planning Breakfast At (or outside!) Tiffany’s, using at least 16GB of camera memory on the view from the Rockefeller, and lunching at Kats diner in homage to When Harry Met Sally. I know as I cross the Brooklyn Bridge the Sex and the City Theme tune will be playing in my head and Glee’s version of Don’t Stop Believing on repeat as I stand in Time Square – I am already having to calm my stomach and prepare for the “cheese” fest of it all!
Will be looking like this 100% of the time in NYC

I will be blogging about the entire trip (of course!) and already have a To Do list longer 5th Avenue but do any of you have any New York secrets or must do’s you’d like to share with me? Are you in NYC and want to meet for a cocktail, coffee or go clubbing? Are you a chef, a glass blower or MET curator and want to teach us a thing or two? We want to see the “Real” city at work not just the tourist trades.
Also are you disabled and have visited New York? Do you have any handy tips for me? Favoured Taxi companies? Or places I should avoid? Please get in touch at E-mail: or on Twitter: @Ladygogo84.

Big Thanks to Elly, Emma and Michelle for already letting us in on their secrets!
L x

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  1. Hey Lynsey, great blog. Have a fab time in NYC. My tips would be if you love chocolate this chocolate restaurant is amazing, even if you went for a Hot Choccie alone its is worth it. We went twice in six days!! Love it!!

    In relation to secret bars, I went for my birthday three years ago to a secret bar called P.D.T (Please Don't Tell) it is like a speakeasy bar that you access via a Hot Dog Parlour. Booking essential. Great for a cocktail or two before a big night out. Watch out for some of the cocktails though, they're all unique but some are a bit rank!! Worth going for the novelty factor alone. Have fun,Caroline x


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