Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Take a Break

As some of you have noted I took Mike’s home coming as a break in my blogging mission (this is fairly normal at the moment – especially as he’s only home a fortnight for every 4-8 weeks he’s away) apart from feeling rubbish and continuing to go downhill with my health, three days after Mike’s return I hit my 2 year blogging goal to reach 16,500 readers!

Thank you so much guys, lots of you retweet, share and Google+ my posts and I'm grateful and honoured that you like my ramblings enough to share them with your nearest and dearest and/or message me hungrily for the next post when I go quiet!

With 9 day’s until the actual 2 year anniversary I’m hoping to reach 17,000 readers, there is now a bold hits counter on the right hand side of the blog so you know I’m not fibbing lol!!

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My 12 day’s with Mike were lovely, we had three BBQ’s, went to see The Dark Knight Rises – awesome by the way, took my nephew and nieces for a picnic on the beach and the wedding I mentioned in my last post was amazing!

At 28 weddings are a normal occurrence in my social calendar but not many of my male friend’s have taken the plunge. So when I attended Steve and Sarah’s (Steve being my original friendship in the couple) glorious day I had an odd awakening that the “boys night out” although made redundant a couple of years ago, was definitely over as one of our mutual friends came the do with his wife and one of his two gorgeous children, another couldn’t attend as his wife had given birth that day and the last finally told me he was having a baby with his missus in 5 months time!! I expect this behaviour from my girlfriends but seeing “the boy’s” all domesticated was quite a shock!

In between all the above mentioned fun; I wasn’t the nicest person to live with; snappy, dozy and generally a pain in the arse! Between full medication doses, sleepless nights and the pain itself I was a moo – so I publically apologise to Mike.... as lovely as he was about it, I expect he’s happier (and possibly safer) in California while I adjust to a life in full relapse.

On a more positive note I think I’ve chosen the charity that I wish to support (with all your help!) in providing people less fortunate than my moody self with wheelchairs. So with some discussion with them I shall enlighten you in my next blog with their identity and the weird, wonderful and damn right scary idea’s people have sent in!

L x  

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