Thursday, 10 May 2012

Never Say Never

In the glorious words of the annoying man child; Justin Bieber – “Never say Never” - how many of you sang that? Lol!

Some of you may remember I did the photography for my friend’s Kit and Leanne’s wedding last year. I was a nervous wotsit for days running up to the event, what if the camera broke? What if the tripod was wonky? Worst of all what if I missed “those” moments – the first kiss, the first dance the general joy of the day, not to mention the agony from a health point of view.... you catch my anxious drift?

So knowing all of the above, why did I say yes to my younger cousin’s request for a wedding photographer?

Some have said it’s the neon sign above my head “MUG”, other’s have said it’s the subconscious need to get married myself  - driving me to be involved in other’s big days but I personally feel it’s because for one day, for a few hours, and the day’s after editing the photo’s - I feel a have a job, neigh a career – this was my second wedding, someone had liked the first photo’s enough to request my skills.

I love the thought of having a career; writer, photographer and wedding planner were always top of my career’s day lists..... okay, okay... and a pop star. But in all seriousness I thought I’d be at least one of the realistic idea’s. Having the conditions I do, have taken these options out of my hands, but writing my blog, doing the odd wedding and being involved in a dozen big day’s so far (I’m even a witness to the next wedding I’m attending) I get to have moment’s of those dream’s.

My cousin’s wedding was in East London with four parts; civil ceremony, a church blessing, a buffet dinner for close family and friends and a good old knee’s up in the evening. I had my work cut out; different lighting in each place, kid’s not staying still, carrying equipment; all with sweaty palms and (more than usual) wobbly legs.

Luckily the day went perfectly; I managed to get 571 pictures that I’m currently editing and I had a brilliant time seeing my family, so much so my cousin Lee and I didn’t get in until 4:30am (I don’t think I’ve ever got in that late/early!).

All a girl need's; camera, beer and pretty dress

The only hitch of the day was when we eventually got home the taxi driver said to Lee “Your fare is £5.00, but because you’ve bought her and used the boot for her wheelchair that’ll be £10 please” – the cheek of it!? I told Lee to pay, I was freezing and beyond tired. But the next day both he and my Aunt Tracey complained had the £5.00 reimbursed and got an apology – don’t mess with my lot lol!

L  x

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  1. Well so far so good - you have done all ok and proud. If your tripod does slip one day and you get wonky photos you could always turn to photographing porn! Those shots are supposed to be like that (so I'm told) lol


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